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“Trust your process.”

My name is Jennie Coulson and I am a self-taught Canadian artist. 

Everything I see, feel and experience contributes to the depth and detail of my work. I am a creative, since I was little I’ve been heavy into art since finger painting. I am constantly practicing, learning, studying and re-inventing myself through my art. 

My continued love for this practice reflects in each body of work. From waves to birds, I am constantly mesmerized by richly saturated colours, endless layers, capturing what I'm trying to create putting my heart and soul into each piece naturally and freely.

​Give me a canvas and I’ll go hard, laying colour over colour to form pieces of art I envision in my mind. Each representing bits of my personality. It starts off intense then ends in humble chaos. Throwing large amounts of paint on a fresh canvas to get the ball rolling (my favourite part), then I freely add layers of diluted colour ending with meticulous detail.

I have turned my inspirations into my business. I am mainly profitable through my paintings, with a set goal that someday (very soon) my artist life will be full time. There’s no balance when it comes down to it – my passion is unstoppable, all I want to do is turn my creative thoughts onto a canvas, bringing it to life. It is a natural hustle which I am truly dedicated.

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